Dear Jeremy,

I cannot thank you enough for saving my daughter’s life.

Without you representing her in this horrific case, her future would have been totally destroyed. I firmly believe you are a gift from God and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If there is ANYTHING I can do or my “doctor” husband can do for you in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us. You are not only the greatest lawyer, but a wonderful human being.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

All our Best to you and your family,


Hey Jeremy,

I just wanted to stop by and say what’s up. I hope you’re doing good as you get this which I’m sure you are since your spirits always seemed good at our court days. I can’t thank you enough for the outcome you helped me get on the case. I was completely satisfied you have no idea. I want to start fresh with my new life when I get out which is a bit closer with every passing day. I’m fortunate to have a release date thanks to you. I pray for you and your family to be safe and healthy. You work miracles Jeremy. So I’m waiting to get pick up to go to State, so I’m leaving soon. God bless Jeremy. Stay safe and take care of yourself and loved ones.

Your Friend,


Mr. Goldman,

Thank you for going out of your way and giving up your time to appear for me on my court case. I would like to inform you that your time did not go to waste I have already completed my class, turned in my proof and paid my fees. I can’t show you enough gratitude for saving my family and I from a lot of heartache.

Thank you again.


You are a life saver and I will be forever grateful for all that you did.



Dear Jeremy,

What’s up, first and foremost, I pray that all is well within every aspect of your life (spirit, health, family and career).

Without question! I’m extremely thankful for your expertise, hard work and dedication which has enabled me to pursue my goals and achieve my full potential in life. I apologize for having doubt during our case, please understand my reasoning which is – a lifetime of association with hyenas, barracudas and previous public defenders who left me traumatized. My trust issues run deep, it’s not personal, forgive me.

Since day one of our victory I’ve been campaigning and building clientele for the day you start your private practice. You became a legend in the county jail and Lacy overnight. I talked to my mom on May 2nd; she told me that you called the parole office after court to let them know the outcome- so they would drop the hold. I appreciated that a lot, thanks. Right now I’m being charged with attempted murder as a parole violation. I don’t understand how that’s legally possible, but from what I’ve read the commissioner’s decision is based on a preponderance of evidence. My hearing on June 1st was postponed because W. B. wasn’t present. M. and my new parole agent was there, those three will be hard to beat by myself. They plan to use police reports and whatever Benton and Martinez have to say. I asked my parole attorney to call you on May 12th for certain information, certain documents and DVD evidence. When I seen him again at my hearing on June 1st, he hadn’t tried to contact you once. I know from experience that you have a tight schedule and time is money. If you’re not able to show up on June 20th as my witness, I understand, but please send what I need to represent myself: the trial transcripts and a copy of the DVD. Keep in mind mail takes seven days from the day it’s dropped in the mailbox for me to receive it. Please send these items ASAP. I haven’t had an opportunity to thank you, so I’ll see you when I get home. Let’s do lunch.



Dear Mr. Goldman,

Happy Holidays and good tidings to you. May you have a wonderful Christmas. May the meanings of Christmas be deeper to you this year. Also, a thousand thanks to you Mr. Goldman. You’re the best lawyer I ever saw. Unswayed, by race or what a client could pay. You’re a totally upright man. Merry Christmas to you.

Wishing you happiness in your home and joy in your heart this holiday season.



Dear Mr. Goldman,

I just wanted to thank you dearly for helping me in my case. I feel that the punishment I received is fair, and I felt that underneath the attorney exterior, you care, and are a good person. It must be a tough profession to be in.

My life has changed, as ours constantly do,

And for a brief time, you represented me as a person, in a sense.

Thank you for fighting for me, I will always appreciate it.

Take good care of yourself and those you love.

And I’ll see you in about a year!



Dear Jeremy,

I wanted to sincerely thank you again for helping me and J. on her case. I am thrilled for her to be relieved of that community service. She has enough on her plate and her road to recovery without having to deal with all that.

I very much appreciate you, your effort, and the successful job you did for us. Thank you too for doing it as a gesture of friendship. You are a nice person and an excellent lawyer and I will do something nice for you to reciprocate.

Thanks again.


Dear Jeremy,

Please know I do truly appreciate your time and efforts on my behalf. I especially appreciate your patience with me when we met. Please also be assured I have great confidence in you and your abilities! God Bless!

Thank you!


Mr Goldman

I truly believe you are the person to help V. at this time. Thank you very much.

(V.’s mother)



I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me and my family I feel blessed to have my freedom back and I owe it to you for being an excellent attorney. You and your loved ones will always be in our prayers and we encourage you to keep doing what your doing Thanks for everything!

Jesse B. And The Fam.


Dear Mr. Goldman,

Thank you for helping A. He respects and admires you!

Best Wishes,


Mr. Goldman

Thank you, for your help and understanding.

Patricia & Sierra



Your assistance is tremendously appreciated. Thank you for all you’ve done. There is nothing enormous enough that we can give you in return for all you’ve done. May God bless you. Once again thanks a million. (for being such a wonderful Guardian Angel for F.!)

Erika & F.


Mr. Goldman,

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to help me out. I realize that you have a busy schedule as a public defender, and so I truly appreciate what you have done. I will be taking the LSAT this October, and hope to enter public interest law after completing law school. Thanks to you, there is one less bump in the road on my way to getting there. Thanks again for all your help.


Mr. Jeremy Goldman,

I would like to thank you for your knowledge & time you spent helping me with my legal troubles. Your presence & ability to explain my situation bettered my attitude towards this stressful period in my life. Thank you again.



Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your sage counsel. Our family is grateful for the assistance you provided. I particularly appreciated your candor and directness. Your manner of communication made it very clear what our options were and we could thus make an informed decision.

Also thank you for the advice on R.’s next chapter/saga. Can’t wait until he grows up!

Best Regards


Mr. Goldman!

Hello my lawyer, how are you? You are wondering (ah, what does this guy want now?) Huh? I just want to take the time out to say, “Thank You.” You helped me through some tough times in my life, and did a Damn Good job helping me! I cannot thank you enough!

You are one hell of a good lawyer Mr. Goldman, and that ain’t no bullshit. I believe in my heart I deserved 2 years. I’ll use this time to sort out my life, set my priorities, and goals. It will not be long and I’ll be back with my family!

I wish you the very best in life, you are a good guy. You will go places in life, I know this. At any rate, like I said, “Thanks A lot!” Take care of yourself and know in your heart that I am one very satisfied customer!

P.S. You know I had to give you your props!


Hello Mr. Goldman

I hope that when you receive this letter, you find yourself in good health. I’m writing this short letter just to thank you for all that hard work and effort you put into helping me. Despite all the rumors and negativities I heard about public defenders, which if you recall I mentioned to you when we first met, I truly trusted you and your advice and believe I was blessed with your assistance. I appreciate the extra time you took to explain everything to me so that I understood and not go away with a blank look on my face. I wanted to say all this to you the day I got sentenced but, I got a bit choked up when I saw my mother crying. Just so you know, I’m doing pretty good here at Wasco State Prison.

I should start working pretty soon as well as going to school and, taking an upholstery class. This should keep me busy and away from any trouble. At least I’m taking advantage of the opportunities offered here so these six years won’t be a waste of time for me. I got my release date in 2007 which if you look at it, it’s not that far away. If you decide to keep in touch with me, when I get out, I would like to take you and your wife out to dinner to show you my gratitude. If you would please tell Mr. C. I look forward to going fishing with him. Well this is it for now. Take car and God Bless you your wife and both of your families.


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